Maxine’s Challenge August 2015

Maxine’s 2nd August – The Start

Day 2

Oats for breaky with my Maxines Strawberry.

Even after all the Challenges its my favourite protein powder 🙂

This is my fourth challenge and I am much better prepared mentally and food wise this time, cutting up enough vegies for a few days and putting them in containers in the fridge. Slow cooked chicken stored in containers and ready to go. Boiled eggs done in the fridge plus left over meals to go.

I haven’t done any training so far as home jobs take presedent at the moment but I have what I need here and after a great purchase of a treadmill for $100 “AND IT WORKS” was the best buy yet.

Waiting for Kim Myers to set up the Challenge Group plus I’m still a member of the Facebook page for us which is great, it helps keep us going when you see what the others are doing!


Starting weight 66.5              1 week weigh in                      Loss 0.0kg

Starting Measurements:

Chest 88cm

Waist 86cm

Stomach 89.5cm

Hips 108.5cm

Thighs 63cm


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